Basic Data Loading

We offer complimentary data loading service for up to 20MB of data size on all orders.
Our capability to pre-load any data file to all USB flash drives supplied from our OEM factory. Some of the most commonly loaded data files by our customers are company profile, annual reports, software demo, music, media photos, PowerPoint slideshows, video clips and PDF product/service brochures. With basic data loading, files can be removed by users to free up storage space. To prevent your content from being erased,  we are able to pre-load data on the “Non-Erasable Content” option.

Non-Erasable Content

Non-erasable format means that the data or files loaded into the USB flash drive can only be read and opened, but users cannot be erased or make changes to the data. Generally, there are two options available:

1. Fully locked:  This completely prevents the user from editing, adding or removing any data or files stored in the chip.  The USB flash drive would only be used to share the content or information that have been loaded.

2. Partitioned:  Only a small section of the USB flash drive is locked for non-erasable data.  The rest of the space on the USB flash drive can be used to store the user’s own data and files.

Most Popular Pre-Loaded Files

1. Products/Services Introduction – Distribute and share information to resellers/end customers about products and services offered.

2. Tradeshow Presentation Slides – Create more interactive content on top of printed materials during a public presentation.

3. Digital Business Cards – Improve sales potential by sharing more about your business and product/service offerings instead of just contact information.

4. Paperless and Go Green Concept – Convert and digitize printed materials into a virtual version of handbooks, manuals, training materials.

5. Orientation/Training Materials –  A better way and handy gadget for students and trainees at colleges, universities, seminars, software training, etc.

6. Annual Report – Disseminate company financial performance to all stakeholders and shareholders especially, in the most portable, lightweight, accessible and environmentally friendly way.

7. Video Clips – The most interactive way to convey messages, memorable memories, exciting promotion, video advertising or impactful information about a company background/profile, event, experience, product, service, trend, biography or documentary.

Guidelines to Prepare your Pre-Loaded Data

1. Generic File Format
To ensure compatibility with all or most devices, we strongly recommend saving the data or files in PDF format and videos in MP4 format.

2. External Links For Updated Information
External link(s) shall be created for the most updated information by allowing users to obtain new information when necessary.

3. Adding Streaming Videos
Dynamic and interactive content can be interpreted in an easier way, so by adding a short video into the USB flash drive, users may repeat watching or viewing whenever they feel like it.

How to send your data to us?

a) Send via e-mail: If the data size is below 10MB, you can e-mail it to us ail at Please compress the data in a zip folder to reduce its file size.

b) Provide us with a download link: If the data size is too big to e-mail (e.g. above 10MB) then you can provide us with a link from which we can download the file(s).  The link should lead to a single .zip folder containing the data files. Some customers prefer giving us the login details to an FTP location to download the data files.

c) Send via post/courier: You can post us the data on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive. Please send the storage device containing the data files to the following physical address.

Easydrive Technologies
70-3-24, D’Piazza Mall,
Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Bayan Baru,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +604 . 6386183
Attention To: Technical Support Department