pen drive, thumbdrive, usb drive

Laser engraving is a permanent way of placing your logo on the USB flash drive body with a laser marking method. It is fast, attractive, neat and cost-efficient with precise laser engraving technology. Laser marking system is highly recommended with its durable marking and premium appearance. It goes well with any text, serial number, logo, 2-D data matrix, bar coding, graphics and digital image.

pen drive, thumbdrive, usb drive

Silkscreen printing method is one of the best options for any USB flash drives. This printing method is good for a logo with solid colours.  We are able to achieve precise corporate logo colours by referring to a worldwide recognized Pantone colour chart to ensure our customer’s company logo, tagline or artwork are printed according to corporate identity guidelines. One colour is printed at a time, so several screens will be used to produce a multi-coloured image or design. This method only recommended to print maximum up to 4 solid colours, another UV print method will be introduced beyond this level.

uv print pen drive from easydrive

A great breakthrough for USB flash drive industry especially dealing with photos, full colours image or multiple logo or colours with gradient or halftone effect. This UV printing machine is capable of handling all the above requirements. UV printing method works quite similar like our normal desktop printer except the internal mechanism are more complex and inks are dry immediately when exposed to UV light. Ultraviolet (UV) printing utilizes UV inks instead of traditional inks. Traditional inks are solvent based and dry by allowing chemicals to evaporate over time. The UV printing process is increasingly popular in the advertising industry with its appealing colourful visual output and its instant drying advantage. Card type USB flash drives with wide printing surface best goes with UV printing with full colours blasting across the broad areas.

deboss pen drive from easydrive

Debossing is the opposite of embossing. Deboss happens when the area around the image is pressed or pushed-in so that the image is pushed down into the material instead of raised. It is vice versa for embossing.To deboss an image, a logo or an artwork must be used as a template in order to cut a metal die and a corresponding counter-die. Debossing process utilizes an electronic sealing machine to press a die into the surface of the material like PU leather, leaving a depressed (deboss) imprint of the design, logo or text on the surface. It is very similar to hot foil stamping. Debossing and embossing will never peel off, it is permanent – depending on the quality of the material that the logo is debossed or embossed on.