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Compressed Data in a Thumb Size

Imprinted with your company logo or brand, besides powerful branding, the OTG USB flash drive boasts many benefits include reducing paper use, carrying around easily, faster transmission of data, effortless back-up of important data, important communication medium, physical space saving and the list goes on. For all the advantages that the OTG USB flash drive brings to all lecturers, students and management staffs, this awesome product fits into any budget, big or small.

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Communication Medium for Everyone

Files, information and software to move around quickly from one hand to another when it comes to handing out new semester timetables, modules, assignments, case studies, presentation slides, lectures, and more. Students can turn in their completed assignments or drafts to their lecturers easily during lectures.

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Educational Tool for Universities

A perfect substitute for printed papers in the higher education industry – a must-have educational tool for storing study notes, lectures, journals, software and more, before it is being handed out to all students. Thousands of pages can be saved into the OTG flash drive and accessible from the smartphone making it easy for students to study or read anywhere and anytime at all.

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Environmentally Friendly

More trees will be sacrificed if no effort is made to reduce the use of paper. Handing out information stored inside USB flash drives will incessantly reduce the use of paper when information is printed out in hard copies. Information becomes editable and error is minimised, doing away possible reprinting or unnecessary falling of more trees or creating more waste.

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Speed And Efficiency

Information is editable before it is being transferred into the USB flash drive and hence it eliminates reprinting if there is any spelling error or any error at all. Printing or reprinting hardcopies definitely need time and no space is required to store the printed papers – in case if it is a huge load/pile of papers. In just a few clicks, files can be saved into the OTG USB flash drive and are accessible on any computer or even on your smartphone. The best part is, when it is plugged into your smartphone, you can do simple editing on the file(s) with the help of relevant apps.

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Backup Tool

Apart from what has been mentioned for helping the university, college and lecturers to disseminate information; the OTG USB flash drive would be useful for just about anyone, i.e. the students. Back up your valuable phone contacts, photos, music and other files from your phone at your fingertips by plugging the OTG USB flash drive into the slot. This feature is available for both Android and iOS operating systems on your smartphones.

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Lightweight And Portability

Carry it anywhere in anything: a pocket, a wallet, a purse, a pouch, anything at all. The OTG USB flash drive is only the size of a thumb which is small enough to fit into almost anything. You can even attach it as a keychain and it is easily available whenever you need it, especially during emergencies when you need to store or access important information. Instead of carrying a bulky laptop or an expensive lightweight laptop, students could just carry the presentation slides or dissertation/thesis drafts stored inside the OTG flash drive and they can access to these files with a computer or smartphone.