If this did not catch you by surprise, that means you may already be using it or have seen someone using this.

Oh yes, this is one useful piece of storage device. Widely used by Android smartphone owners to store their data mobile and quickly transferable from one device to another.

It is so useful that it has grown increasingly popular in our corporate gifts industry, purchased by companies with the powerful purpose of marketing their brand or products through giving away an OTG USB flash drive imprinted with their company or brand logo on its body. Imprint of company or brand logo can be achieved with silkscreen printing method or laser engraving.

For one, perceived as an expensive gift, recipients of this gift feel honoured and appreciated. For another, the usefulness of this storage device to the recipient then makes it even more complete when the brand or product name is repeatedly seen by the recipient (target customer).

The minimum order quantity starts at 100 pieces and it comes with a vibrant range of colours for you to choose from and if you need the plastic case to follow your Pantone colour code, we would be glad to assist you on your request.

The common capacity for the corporate-gifting USB flash drives would be 8GB but if you need anything more or less than this capacity please do not worry – we have it: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

Putting together all the awesomeness, this little piece of device is really worth every cent or better say, cheap and good! So, give us a call today at 04-644 6833 or get a quote right away at sales@easydrive.com.my

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