Battery Quality

We emphasize strongly on product quality and all our power banks come with Grade-A batteries installed. As of now, we have more than 5 reputable manufacturers to collaborate with us on batteries supply with great quality control before shipping out to our end customers.

Battery Capacity

All our power banks come with the originally stated capacity on the product housing. All power banks are tested before the batteries are being assembled into power banks. For power banks, milliampere-hour (mAh, equals to one-thousandth of an ampere-hour) is more commonly used.

Battery Life Time

All our power banks have a lifetime of at least 300 charging cycles or 3 months warranty whichever come first. If power bank defective within the first 30 days of purchase, we will exchange a new replacement unit instead of repair.

Real Output and Input

All power banks have the real output and input as mentioned in our product description. This is tested multiple times during the production process before assembly.

CE Logo Testing

All our power banks are tested by official institutes for CE and therefore comply with the strict regulations set within the EU.

RoHS Compliant

All our power banks are tested by official institutes to check they are manufactured according to RoHS regulation and avoid items with high contents of chemicals entering the EU.

Smart Phone

iPhone 4
iPhone 5
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5C
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 7
Samsung Galaxy S4/S5
Sony Xperia Z2


1420 mAh
1440 mAh
1560 mAh
1510 mAh
1810 mAh
2915 mAh
1960 mAh
2800 mAh
2330 mAh
2600 mAh


iPad 4
iPad Air
iPad Mini2
Samsung Tab 2 10.1
Samsung Tab S 8.4


11560 mAh
8600 mAh
6470 mAh
6800 mAh
4900 mAh