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Round PVC USB Flash Drive . USB-PVC001

(Price range indicated are for reference only. Please send us an enquiry for most updated quote based on your order requirements) – MOQ : 100 units

Product Size(mm) : 43.00(H) × 43.00(L) × 1.50(T)
Product Capacity : 1GB/ 2GB/ 4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB/ 32GB
Product Material : PVC
Product Color : OEM Full Colours
Printing Method : Digital UV
Packing Method: Individual unit in OPP bag (charges apply for gift box packing)
Packaging Box Options Available : PP Box, Metal Box, Black Art Card Box


USB flash drives are a convenient and powerful storage tool used by students, business professionals, and anyone with a need to back up and transport their files quickly and easily. USB ports were designed to standardize connections of keyboards, printers, portable media devices, and other units to a computer system. Flash drives make use of these ports and grant users fast access to the storage devices. Flash drives quickly replaced floppy disks when they were introduced at the beginning of the 21st century, and are capable of holding far more information than their predecessors. Determine how you will use your flash drive in order to find one that will be the most useful to you.

Our USB flash drives come with different capacities from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB up to 32GB to suit your usage and purpose.  We use branded chipsets mainly from Toshiba, Samsung and Dynet with reliable manufacturing experience in memory data storage device.

Choosing USB Flash Drives
There are many types of flash drives available on the market, and buyers may find themselves with several decisions to make when shopping for one. Storage capacity, file transfer speeds, and unit design are among the primary things to keep in mind while shopping.
Determining the Appropriate Size of Your Flash Drive
The biggest question that most buyers of USB flash drives will ask themselves is, “how much storage capacity do I need?” The answer to this will largely depend on the type of files that you will be saving. To understand how your files will affect which flash drive you need, a quick rundown of bytes and drive sizes can be useful.
Nearly all modern flash drives list their storage capacity in gigabytes, or GB for short. A gigabyte is approximately 1 billion bytes, 1 million kilobytes (KB), or 1,000 megabytes (MB). Storage capacity for a flash drive can vary greatly, from 4GB or less to well over 100GB. As you might expect, larger storage capacities mean larger price tags. To be sure that you have enough room for your files without paying for a device that will never reach its potential, inspect your file sizes and find the appropriate flash drive.
4GB or 8GB Flash Drive
Text documents are very small in terms of storage, and a high number of files can be saved on a flash drive with a low storage capacity. Most text documents are less than 200 KB, which means that a 4GB flash drive could hold hundreds of standard text documents.
Most JPEG photos meant for online use are also quite small, and take up little more room than a standard text document. If you are only using your flash drive to back up text documents and JPEG photos, a 4 or 8GB flash drive should provide more than enough storage for moving content from one device to another.
16GB Flash Drive
Large, high-quality photos can occupy much more space on a drive and will require a larger storage capacity. Tables, charts, and other documents with graphics and organized information can also take up more room than text documents. Music files, though small, can add up very quickly when saving entire albums. If you are moving many large photos, charts, or MP3s, consider a 16GB drive.
32GB Flash Drive
Audio and video clips are very large files, and will require larger storage capacities. If you are working with videos, art files, or complex graphics technology, it will be worth investing in a 32GB or higher flash drive.
Before making a purchase, check the average size of the files you will be storing or transporting. The method for doing this varies by operating system, though if you are able to find an option to show you the information on a specific file, it will list its size in the most appropriate format: KB, MB, GB, or other.

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