The visual output of printed logo on custom order USB flash drives varied from one computer screen to another. This variance is due to different setting in terms of screen resolution, screen brightness, LCD panel pixel quality and so on. It is important to understand these differences before making conclusion on printed sample approval.

Below is an illustration of the photo colour output with different screens.

Computer Screen Resolution

Production will kick start based on final artwork confirmation by customer so all changes/amendment must be made during artwork illustration stage. For actual printed sample, we will send photo via e-mail for customer’s viewing and confirmation (upon customer’s request only), this will be free of charge. Please note that photo view and actual view may have difference in the aspects of colour, size perception, texture expectation, etc. depending on the angle of capture, lighting condition and colour of lighting when the photo is captured.

For accepting and confirming the actual printed sample by photo format via e-mail, it is understood that the actual product colour output varies across different types of monitor screen displayed on all types of devices.

The colour output and resolution on the screen will have an estimate +/- 10% tolerance depending on the clarity, brightness, contrast, HD resolution, colour saturation and other colour settings of the monitor screen used. Even for the same type of device the colour output may be different, e.g. Macbook Pro vs. Lenovo laptop they come with different monitor screen quality.

For more information about sample build lead time with actual sample submission, please fill in your company name, contact person and email address in order to allow our sales personnel to assist you in a clearer manner.

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